CA50100 Curtain Wall Framing


Fully thermally broken curtain wall frame screen design.


Our Curtain Wall Framing achieved the highest CAN/CSA-A440-00 ratings a fixed window can achieve in the following categories:

  • Air Tightness (Fixed)
  • Water tightness (B=7)
  • Wind load resistance (C=5)

The fixed window achieved a rating of I=63 condensation resistance.


  • Glazing options are available upon request.
  • Aluminium Colouring is available in multiple finish types.
  • 2 Colours of aluminium possible – Interior and exterior colours.


  • Fully Thermally Broken, with rain screen design.
  • Flat Wall Design with 121mm and 152mm curtain overall wall frame depth.
  • Fully compatible with all other Cahill Window and Door systems.
  • Customizable height possible upon request.

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